MUNA (adv), Tagalog first, before anything else. Muna is Tagalog for “before anything else.” It means to put what matters more first. “Sarili ko muna ang uunahin ko.”

To us, MUNA means actively choosing the self. It is the constant act of putting loving to oneself, no matter how hard it gets to do so. MUNA is a lifestyle brand and a concept that is grounded on self-love and inclusivity.

It is a brand that caters to all women of all sizes, and it is the concept of actively choosing kindness towards oneself.


We aim to inspire all women by producing high-quality products and content.


We want to create a safe and positive community where everyone can be vulnerable and real without having to worry about being judged.



We support and help all women flourish.


We practice thankfulness and foster a space for positivity.